Get to know me meme: [2/5] actors.

Girls loves guys who dance, and I’m definitely going to be the first one on the dance floor. Usually, you just see guys sitting around, but I definitely don’t hold back when it comes to dancing.

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“In life, when you are faced with an unfortunate circumstance, there is no book. There is no guide. There is no right answer on how to get to the other side. You just wake up one day and you have two paths in front of you. One where you go up and one where you can fall. Choosing the path to rise is most certainly not the easy path but it is the brave one.”

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teen wolf + jung archetypes (insp.)

Rachel Berry: a summary

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Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas reunite to perform “This Is Me” and reenact the scene from Camp Rock [Staples Center, LA - 9/27/14]

I let go of fear and the peace came quickly.

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@msleamichele: #Daleastreet is back in action! #GleeSeason6

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Rachel Berry + smiling

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My Favorite Things Meme | [3/3] Friendships

"To this day, I’ve never met someone who has understood me more than Jonathan—I can completely be myself, with all my different quirks, and never feel judged. I’ve laughed harder, and cried harder, with Jonathan than I have with anyone else. We’ve been kicked out of Broadway shows for falling into fits of giggles in the audience, and I’ve literally shown up on his doorstep with my heart broken. He always helps me put myself together."

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I look forward to the day the paparazzi provokes me and I attack them.

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